This page is devoted to all of the online multiplayer maps and strategies.

(If you have any strategies please message me with them THANKS! Danniey1)

The Original MapsEdit

My bfbc2 wiki pt val 1

The Online Map 'Port Valdez'

Port ValdezEdit

Port Valdez

Atacama Desert (Conquest)

The Atacama Desert Map


Atacama DesertEdit

Atacama Desert

Arica HarbourEdit

Arica Harbour

Panama CanalEdit

Panama Canal

Laguna PresaEdit

Laguna Presa

Isla InocentesEdit

Isla Inocentes

White PassEdit

White Pass



The Day One Map PackEdit

Nelson BayEdit

Nelson Bay

Laguna AltaEdit

Laguna Alta

Map Pack TwoEdit

Arica Harbour(Conquest)Edit

Arica Harbour (Conquest)

Laguna PresaEdit

Laguna Presa