This page of the Battlefield Bad Company 2 Wikia is devoted to the online multiplayer classes of which you can play as.

The ClassesEdit

There are 4 classes you can play as online in BfBC2 , they are:

  • Assault
  • Engineer
  • Medic
  • Recon

Each of these has its own weapons and specialisations, and each can change the battlefield.

The Assault ClassEdit

The assault class has a 40mm Grenade Launcher and starts out with an AEK 971 Vintovka.

The first gun you can unlock through playing as the assault class is the XMB, then you unlock the F200, the AUG, the AN 94,the M461 and the M16.

The gadgets you unlock first as the Assault class is the 40mm Grenade Launcher. It is then followed by the Smoke Grenade and then the under-barrel shotgun.

The Engineer ClassEdit

The Engineer Class starts with the 9A91 sub-machine gun and an RPG and Repair Tool.

The first use the 9A91 sub-machine gun and the move onto the Scar-L, you then unlock the XMBC, the AKS74U, the UZI. Next comes the Pp2000 and the UMP45.

As for the Gadgets the Engineer, from the the start, has the RPG and the Repair tool. The AT-Mine (Anti Tank Mine), the AT4 Rocket Launcher.